Founder and owner of VINGRAM Enterprises LTD., Vedoster Ingram, has made several professional presentations at academic and professional conferences. You can find selected transcripts and copies of papers he has presented below:

Law Enforcement And Controlled Drugs

Presented in 2006, Law Enforcement and Society Can Benefit from Greater Transparency in Controlled Drugs Analyses addresses the social, political and legal impact of transparency in chain of custody procedures for handling controlled drugs. This paper addresses the foundational work of VINGRAM Enterprises LTD. and the potential advantages to a more educated defense attorney.

Washington Trial Lawyers Presentation

Given to the Washington Trial Lawyers in early 2009, this presentation addresses continuing issues in the chain of custody and handling of controlled drugs analysis. It also highlights the interests of VINGRAM Enterprises LTD. in creating transparency and support for defense attorneys who may not be familiar with the chemical classification or weighing procedures related to controlled drugs.

Chem-Law Notes

Selected articles addressing contemporary legal issues in controlled drugs and analysis written by forensic chemistry expert, Vedoster Ingram.

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  3. Vol 1 Issue 3