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What makes our consulting services special?

Our method is designed for the promotion of balanced advocacy in drug cases, specifically in the review of government chemist analysis. These efforts are supported through document reviews involving chain of custody issues and weight determination services through the 5 gram through the 6000 gram range for minimum sentencing services.

Addressing Problems in Controlled Drugs Analysis

Are you aware:

  • There could be breaks in the chain of custody of confiscated drug contraband occurring at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) level?
  • DEA chemists often perform testing on contraband simultaneously with contraband confiscated from other defendants?
  • Some drug tests are not performed properly and that subsequent contraband test results may not be found credible due to high volume case loads?
  • The average chemist would not be aware of these facts and neither would a defense attorney.


The DEA is the only authorized entity performing tests of controlled drugs and the DEA chemists are specially trained in the testing procedures used by the DEA. There is no other agency/entity which monitors the DEA’s performance for quality and accuracy. The only way anyone could identify errors in testing is through another DEA trained chemist.